A specialist opinion from a Hematologist saved a life!


Blood disorders and blood cancers such as leukemia, myeloma, lymphoma, etc. are different types of disease conditions that can be life threatening. All these disorders vary and have their own subtypes. In other words, the signs of the disease, its diagnosis & treatment vary for each of the variety. Because of which, it’s critical to have the correct diagnosis before you start with the treatment.


For hematological (blood related) disorders, it is always recommended to seek a second opinion from a specialist doctor – Hematologist or Hemato-oncologist, in order to know about the various treatment options available and for knowing the most suitable treatment for you.


At MediAngels, we received a case of a young girl, who suffered from a rare blood disorder. Read this story in her father’s words to know how a specialist opinion at MediAngels saved her life!


“My daughter, Anisha, is a very happy go lucky child. She works in an MNC, as a software developer.


She used to ride a bike all the way, to her workplace. One day, on her way to office, Anisha had a really bad fall, while riding the bike. There were many wounds on her hands and legs. And it so happened that the bleeding was just not stopping!


She was rushed to the nearest hospital immediately. At that point I started to wonder about all possible reasons for the same. It then occurred to me that my wife & my second daughter also had a tendency for delayed wound healing. But we always took it for granted, thinking it might not be anything major! Also, they both never had any such major episodes of a fall or injury.


specialist opinion for blood related disorders


At the hospital where Anisha was admitted, the doctors could not figure out the cause behind her unstoppable bleeding. Living in Bangalore, I always believed I had access to the best medical care! That is when one of our relatives suggested we seek a second opinion on We consulted a Hematologist, who helped us diagnose the actual problem. The Hematologist on MediAngels panel asked Anisha to undergo certain tests & informed us that Anisha was suffering from a condition called Von Willebrand disease, which is a hereditary bleeding disorder that occurs because of deficiency of a certain clotting factor, factor VIII. Anisha was immediately infused with Factor VIII, following which bleeding stopped instantly.


A correct diagnosis led to appropriate treatment. I finally understood how the best doctors can really make a difference. Without the best doctors, I may have lost my daughter, forever!”


If any of your family or loved ones is suffering from any blood disorders, they can visit our website,, and seek an expert medical opinion online for any kind of hematological conditions or blood cancers, from the best Hematologists & Hemato-oncologists all across the world.

Posted by: Dr. Ketki S. Sapre | | Category: Hematology



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