An expert Gynecologist opinion saved a lady from undergoing an unnecessary uterus removal surgery!


Uterine fibroids, also referred to as leiomyomas in medical terminology, are common benign (noncancerous) tumors that develop within the uterine muscle walls. These fibroid tumors can be of the size of a pinhead and manifest with no signs and symptoms, or they can be extremely painful and grow as large as 10 inch diameter.

The treatment of uterine fibroids is mainly based upon the amount of discomfort caused as a result of the fibroid tumor which is present. Many of the times, a woman may not even realize the presence of fibroid unless she undergoes some medical check up. Most women also carry pregnancy easily with an existing fibroid, however, post most surgical options, it may become a bit difficult to carry/ continue a pregnancy as it may lead to some complications.

If the fibroids are not causing any harm or discomfort, there is no need for any treatment, apart from regular medical checkups.

Only if the fibroids cause pain, heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding, or other pregnancy related complications, a hysterectomy (uterus removal surgery) or myomectomy (removing only the affected part of uterus) may be needed.

However, before you make the decision of undergoing a hysterectomy surgery, it is always recommended to seek a second opinion. Hysterectomies can affect a woman psychologically, particularly because of their perceived loss of femininity which they may relate to having a uterus and other female reproductive organs. This may even lead to depression in some women.

At MediAngels, we received a case of a 33 year old woman, who was advised a hysterectomy. An expert Gynecologist’s advice at MediAngels helped her avoid a uterus removal surgery and in turn saved her from all the mental anguish!

Mrs. Bhoomika Seth (name changed due to privacy reasons), a 33 year old married woman, a working professional, and has a 5 year old son. Mrs. Seth lately complained of pain in the lower abdomen, discharge, fatigue & mood swings. She also experienced pain in the lower back & legs at times!

She had developed mild PCOS. Mrs. Seth also complained of acne & slight increase in the facial hair. However, her menstrual cycle was quite regular. After consulting a Gynecologist & undergoing a USG, she learnt that she had developed a uterine fibroid tumor at the back of the uterus. Mrs. Seth also suffered from cervicitis & vagintis since a few months. The consulting doctor advised her to get her uterus removed, as she believed that the infection was most probably caused repeatedly due to the existing fibroid.

specialist second opinion for uterus removal surgery

Mrs. Seth did not want to go ahead with a hysterectomy at such a young age and hence she was in search of a second opinion. Also, the cost for uterus removal surgery is high. One of her friends recommended to her.

Mrs. Seth logged on to MediAngels and selected Dr. Nupur Gupta, our expert Gynecologist, to opine on her case. After reviewing Mrs. Seth’s detailed history & investigations, Dr. Gupta opined that her symptoms of pain, vaginal discharge, mood swings, etc. are a common occurrence in the general population and these can very well be tackled by making some modifications in the diet, lifestyle.

Dr. Gupta advised Mrs. Seth to take plenty of fluids & some mild analgesics for lower abdominal pain. She also prescribed some medications to Mrs. Seth for her premenstrual symptoms. Dr. Gupta advised Mrs. Seth to get a regular pap smear yearly, in order to keep a check on vaginitis & cervicitis. Dr. Gupta also opined that considering Mrs. Seth’s symptoms, there was no need for a hysterectomy at present!

Mrs. Seth resorted to conservative treatment, as per Dr. Gupta’s advice. It’s been a year since then; there has been no recurrence of fibroids. Also, the infection settled down post regular medications. Mrs. Seth has been leading a healthy and pain-free life now! An expert second opinion from a top Gynecologist saved her from undergoing an unnecessary hysterectomy!


If any of your loved ones is diagnosed with uterine fibroids, or uterine tumors, or have been advised a surgery for removing uterus, you can seek an online consultation with the expert Gynecologists & top Gynecological Cancer Surgeons by logging on to!

Posted by: Dr. Ketki S. Sapre | | Category: Gynecology & Obstetrics



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