An expert opinion from a top Joint Replacement Surgeon made a difference!


A knee replacement surgery is carried out in patients that are suffering from osteoarthritis of knees. With the help of this procedure, you can get rid of all the trouble & inconvenience faced as a result of damaged knees. This surgery will provide you great relief from the pain & disability. This can be achieved through replacing those joints that all your body weight is felt while you walk, run or during other movements.

If you have been advised to undergo a knee replacement surgery, it is most likely because you have been in pain for quite some time. However, the decision for this surgery should not be taken lightly. It’s your life and you have every right to gather all the information about this surgery and the post surgical complications that come along with it. Always make sure to seek a second opinion from a top Joint Replacement Surgeon before making the decision to have a knee replacement surgery or a joint replacement surgery!

Mrs. Anita Sathe (name changed due to privacy reasons), a 52 year old woman, suffered from severe knee pain in both her knees. A second opinion from an expert joint replacement surgeon on MediAngels helped her making the right decision in terms of further line of treatment for her knee pain!

Mrs. Sathe experience severe pain in both her knees since past 4-5 years. The pain was so severe that she used to have difficulty while walking as well. She was unable to perform her regular physical activities as slight movement used to give her a lot of pain.

Mrs. Sathe consulted an Orthopedician for her knee pain, who advised her to get X-rays for both the knees. After seeing the X-rays, the consulting doctor advised her to get a total knee replacement surgery (TKR surgery) for her left knee, as the pain was even severe in the left knee!

specialist opinion for knee pain treatment

Since such a major knee surgery was advised, Mrs. Sathe did not want to take a chance! Hence, she thought of seeking a second opinion just to be extremely sure before going under knife. She had heard of through her building friends and hence thought of giving it a shot to seek a specialist opinion on MediAngels portal.

Mrs. Sathe selected Dr. Ram Soni, an expert Joint Replacement Surgeon for opining on her case. After reviewing Mrs. Sathe’s case history, Dr. Soni opined that the x-rays showed moderate early degenerative changes in both the knees, particularly more pronounced in left knee. Dr. Soni also informed that Mrs. Sathe would benefit from a left total knee replacement as she had severe flexion contracture in the left knee.

Dr. Soni advised her minimally invasive form of surgery – medial unicompartmental knee replacement on left side and also informed that this would ensure approximately 7 years of pain free knee.

It’s been a year since Mrs. Sathe underwent medial unicompartmental knee replacement surgery for her left knee, as per Dr. Soni’s advice; she is now free from the pain & is living a much better & a normal life! A timely medical advice from an expert Joint Replacement surgeon at MediAngels helped Mrs. Sathe make a well informed decision in terms of surgical line of treatment and made her knee pain-free!


If any of your loved ones is suffering from Osteoarthritis of knee, you can seek an expert opinion from the top Joint Replacement Surgeons & Orthopedicians online on!

Posted by: Dr. Ketki S. Sapre | | Category: Joint Replacement Surgery



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