An expert Sexologist’s opinion helped save a marriage!


Sex is the most beautiful element of being human and an important aspect of a relationship, we share with our partners. Sexual activity is believed to produce happy hormones in our body. So when in stress, a couple should engage more in love-making rather than avoiding it. Also, a married couple of any age that share sexual moments frequently show a higher level of bonding in their relationship. Whereas relationship therapists state that the couple who doesn't engage in sex that often goes through the phases of unhappiness, frustration, depression, rejection, self-doubt, difficulty in concentrating and low self-esteem.

Sexual problems are very common in the society more than we can think of. However, education and awareness related to the same is very limited.

Both men and women need to understand that seeking help regarding sexual health is not a crime. Most bedroom problems can be solved inside a therapist's office. People should come out in the open about their problems and understand that an expert, a sexologist, can help them getting rid of the same.

At MediAngels, we received one such case of a 33 year old married man who was having marital problems. A specialist opinion from a Sexologist helped him realize the actual problem & his marriage was saved!

Read the story below in his friend’s words…

“My friend, Vilas, residing at Beed, is a 33 year old man. Vilas has been married since 3 years but was having serious marital issues.

Despite 3 years of marriage, Vilas & his wife were not able to consummate their marriage. Apart from this, Vilas did not have any other problem. Vilas did not have any addictions. He was otherwise healthy; and did not even have any major illnesses such as hypertension or diabetes. He did not have any erectile issue while masturbating.


specialist opinion for sex related problems

Despite normal erections, Vilas was unable to enjoy a healthy sex life; due to which his married life was totally disturbed. So much so, that Vilas & his wife were actually about to part ways! Also, in a small town like Beed, speaking about your sex life was considered a taboo; and Vilas did not even have access to any Sexual Medicine specialists, who would guide them & find out what the exact problem was.

When I learnt about this from Vilas, I suggested they seek an expert opinion at – an Online Hospital where you could access the best specialist doctors & all the secrecy would be maintained since it was such a private thing to be discussed with the specialist. Vilas consulted a Sexual Medicine specialist on After viewing Vilas’s clinical history, the specialist doctor advised him to go for certain tests like Free Testosterone, Total Testosterone, Thyroid Profile etc.

All the test reports turned out to be normal. Vilas, then went ahead to seek a Phone Consultation with the specialist doctor. After analyzing the entire case, hearing out Vilas’s side of the story & after a lot of counseling, the specialist doctor pointed out a very simple thing – he made them realize that they were trying to have an intercourse in a wrong position; which was leading to all the problems. Vilas & his wife followed the specialist doctor’s advice. Finally, in about a few weeks, they were able to consummate & their marriage was saved!

Now, Vilas & his wife have been leading a happier & successful married life. The right information at the right time, and by the right person at; saved my friend’s marriage in a true sense!”

If any of your family or loved ones is suffering from any sex related disorders, they can visit our website,, and seek an expert medical opinion online from the best Sexual Medicine specialists from all over the world.



Posted by: Dr. Ketki S. Sapre | | Category: Sexual Medicine



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